In Fitting Fashion

  • New Sewing Pattern Bundles

    We're launching into summer sewing with three new pattern bundles that save you money and help you create perfectly coordinating outfits that will take you from work to play.
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  • Sleeve Fitting: How to Adjust Bicep Width

    How to Adjust Bicep Width
    Sleeves too tight?  Too loose?  I've got the quickest and easiest solution to that fitting problem on the blog!
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  • The Front Fly Tutorial

    This method of constructing the front fly zipper is a variation on the one I used in the assembly instructions for the Claire and Ellen patterns.  The method I show here is a little more streamlined and gives very consistent and professional results.  Give it a try and see what you think.

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  • The Front Placket Tutorial

    Inserting a front placket can be challenging.  It definitely requires intermediate to advanced sewing skills but with practice and patience anyone can achieve a professional looking placket.  I suggest doing a trial run (or two) if this technique is new to you.

    Here is the method used to insert the front placket into the Diana blouse pattern.

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  • New Patterns and an Update

    In spite of the beautiful weather we're having here in Victoria BC, I am managing to get some work done.  British Columbia's west coast is notoriously rainy for most of the year so when the sun is shining, one is obligated to be outdoors!  To take advantage of the warm weather and to keep things moving for In-House Patterns, I've been patio-pattern-making!  There is something very inspiring and energizing about just changing your surroundings especially if it is a bright, beautiful sunny day!   New Patterns! We've got two new patterns available - Jenny and Ellen.  Both patterns are really...

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