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  • The Dartless Bust Adjustment

    Here's the video you've been waiting for!  This one shows you the method I use to make a bust adjustment on a dartless bodice.  I'm using the scaled version of a knit bodice sloper.  As always would love to get your feedback, so post a comment!  If you've tried it I'd love to hear how it worked out for you.  

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  • Another New Take on the Full Bust Adjustment

    It seems that there are still some questions floating around about my first video, so I thought it is best to clear them up right away.  Here is another video explaining how to make the same full bust adjustment to a pattern with a side bust dart. Next week I will also be sharing my technique of making a full bust adjustment on a dartless pattern, so be sure to come back and check that out. For now, let's deal with the full bust adjustment for a pattern with a side bust dart.  

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  • A New Take on the Full Bust Adjustment

    I've made a video for you!  I demonstrate two possibly new to you ways of making a full bust adjustment without adding waist girth.  Check it out and let me know what you think!

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  • Fit! Fit! Fit! The Great Frustration

    Do you remember a time when you could take any sewing pattern right out of the envelope and it would fit? I do! It was glorious! No measuring, no adjustments…not a thing to do but cut and sew… …or… perhaps I didn’t really know any better. Maybe I wasn’t as fussy, maybe the styles of the time were more forgiving, maybe my 8 years as a fit technician make me see things a lot differently now. Whatever the case, those times have disappeared. I am fussy about fit. Weird pulls, pooling fabric and draglines make me crazy! Even when I...

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  • French Binding Tutorial

    French binding is a versatile bias binding technique that is used to enclose the raw edges of light weight and sheer fabrics.  The finish is quite beautiful around necklines and armholes when neatly and meticulously done in either matching or contrast colours or fabrics.

    The recently released Chelsea blouse neckline is finished using this technique so I wanted to pass along some tips and techniques for achieving a really beautiful ready to wear finish using this pattern.


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