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  • Sleeve Fitting: How to Adjust Bicep Width

    How to Adjust Bicep Width
    Sleeves too tight?  Too loose?  I've got the quickest and easiest solution to that fitting problem on the blog!
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  • The Kimono Tee Small Bust Adjustment

    Today I have prepared step by step instructions for making a Small Bust Adjustment specifically for the In-House Patterns Kimono Tee.  Since the Kimono Tee pattern has been developed specifically for a D-Bust cup size, a smaller cup size will require a pattern adjustment to reduce some of the volume that will be present over the bust area.  Don't fret, the fix is so easy!   Step One:  Draw in the slash lines to prepare for the pattern adjustment. Step Two:  Cut along the slash lines leaving a hinge at the side seam.   Step Three:  Overlap the pattern sections as...

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  • The Cowl Front Neck Drop Adjustment

    Yesterday I got a great question from Marta who recently purchased the Cool Cowl Tank pattern:

    "I just purchased your cowl neck pattern. I was so pleased that your patterns are made for a D cup. Now that the pattern is made up I have a problem. The drape is so low that the bottom band of my bra shows:-( So, I looked up one of your blogs to see what to do about it. Your solution is to fold out (or overlap) from the CF waist. But this will reduce the front bust circumference, and I can't "afford" to make it any tighter across the bust. Is there any other way to raise the drape? I can wear the top, but have to pin it together to keep the drape from revealing more than is modest."

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  • Back Contour Shaping

    It seems that my previous posts about fitting the back shoulder and neckline are quite popular so I will revisit the gaping back neckline issue I discussed in one of the fitting posts for Vogue 8664.  Remember this?        As you can see, I corrected the gaping back neckline issue by adding a dart which eliminated the excess length in the neckline and addressed the contour of the shoulder blade.  In most basic block patterns this back contour shaping is addressed by a shoulder dart which is usually placed at the middle of the shoulder seam and points...

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  • Google Search for Fitting Solutions

    Yes, I know, I should be packing,  (Yes!  I'm still packing!), but I've been watching the website pretty closely and I've noticed that Google has directed a few of you to this blog who are in search of solutions to some very specific fitting issues.  Of course the "Google searchers" have been directed here based on the content that I have already written but what I find so interesting in how very specific and repetitious the search terms are.  So far, the most popular Google search topics which bring new readers to the In-House Patterns Blog are: Small Bust Adjustment: ...

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