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  • New Patterns and an Update

    In spite of the beautiful weather we're having here in Victoria BC, I am managing to get some work done.  British Columbia's west coast is notoriously rainy for most of the year so when the sun is shining, one is obligated to be outdoors!  To take advantage of the warm weather and to keep things moving for In-House Patterns, I've been patio-pattern-making!  There is something very inspiring and energizing about just changing your surroundings especially if it is a bright, beautiful sunny day!


    New Patterns!

    We've got two new patterns available - Jenny and Ellen.  Both patterns are really strong all season essentials.  The styles are basic and uncomplicated but definite must haves for any me-made wardrobe.



    I'm also (still) diligently working on four new patterns!  These are just moving to the grading and instruction writing phase-the most arduous of the process.  The style and pattern development phase is my favourite part of course!

    Print Shop Versions of Our Patterns

    Just in case you missed the Facebook announcement, We've released print shop versions of the Claire, Jenny and Ellen sewing patterns.  All new patterns will have this as a purchasing option in addition to our regular A4 and US letter sizes.  The print shop versions are planned for a 36" plot width so almost any copy shop should be able to print them for you.

    Bust Cup Sizing

    You may have also noticed that we are now offering cup sizes for all of our new patterns.  I hope this saves you some time as you dispense with the bust adjustments and just get to sewing!  The Blossom and Jenny patterns are currently available in A, B, C, and D cup sizes with more patterns with these options coming soon.  

    New Stockists

    In-House Patterns are now available in more places!  Check out our list of stockists here.  Newest on our list is Grey's Fabric and Notions in Boston.  I love their tag line - "where sewing is foxy" and they have some cool crafty fox merchandise too!

    Pattern Making Workshops

    Starting September 9th I will be teaching a series of four pattern making work shops at the Makehouse here in Victoria!  I am really excited about teaching these classes, the class size will be small-a maximum of six participants-so everyone will have some one on one guidance.

    The series progresses from drafting the basic bodice and sleeve blocks in the first session and then moving to the skirt block in the second session.  Since you will be drafting these using your own measurements, by the end of these two workshops you will have the basic building blocks for designing your own tops, skirts, and dresses!  

    In the third session we will be covering basic pattern making techniques for skirts, bodices, and sleeves.  In the fourth session we'll cover more advanced pattern making techniques such as contouring, necklines, collars, as well as kimono and raglan sleeves.  You will leave the third and fourth sessions with a booklet of half scale pattern manipulations you have completed yourself so you will have a record of what you learned.

    If you're in town, join us at the Makehouse.  It's going to be fun and productive!

    That's all the news for now!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous season and enjoying whatever the weather is in your neck of the woods!




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