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  • Fitting Sleeves Continued

    Admittedly, I am a bit of a perfectionist.  This drives me and others crazy because I spend too much time on things that are already "good enough".  Jo, from Making It Well reminded me of this post by Kathleen at Fashion Incubator and got me to thinking that maybe, I can still make some improvements to the sleeve from yesterday's post.  So my sleeve fitting journey continued.

    So let's compare the photos.  This is yesterday's "last sleeve":

    This is today's "final sleeve:

    This is a comparison of the sleeve patterns:

    I think it is clear that today's final sleeve looks more like what Kathleen suggests is correct in her post but perhaps I over did it a bit.  Maybe I am no longer seeing straight, but I think yesterday's sleeve might be a bit better?  There is some extra fullness at the front sleeve area on today's final sleeve that I am not entirely happy with.  All in all both sleeves look pretty good.  What do you think?

    By the way, although I tried desperately to achieve the "no ease" sleeve head, I could not make it work with the body of this garment.  This sleeve has 3/8" total ease which is what was required to have a smooth fit over the roundness of the upper arm.  Perhaps if the shoulder width, across back, and across top chest on the garment was wider, I would have been able to achieve a "no ease" sleeve.  I chose to keep the ease in the sleeve to allow for a narrower shoulder width which I find more visually appealing and contemporary.

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