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  • Blossom: Feminine and Pretty

    Introducing Blossom, our newest addition to the In-House Patterns collection!  

    A feminine and pretty top perfect for the warm summer evenings ahead.

    I'm always looking for opportunities to make improvements to our patterns.  My aim is to make changes that will keep sewing fun and fitting easier so I've added a few new features to this pattern which I am very proud of and sure you will like.    

    Cup Sized Front Pattern Pieces are Included

    This is one thing I've wanted to do for a while.  I often get requests for information on how to make bust adjustments and this just makes it easier for you and will eliminate at least one pattern correction from your standard list.  You will find pattern pieces for an A, B, C, and D cup sizes with your purchase of the Blossom pattern.

    Separate Files For Each Style Version

    Our patterns are distributed as a PDF and I understand that no one wants to print unnecessary pages and pattern pieces so I've separated the files in such a way that you can only print what you need.  The pattern files are aptly named to make it easy to determine which files you need to print.  The assembly instructions are in a separate PDF file too-in case you want to use your tablet or reader for that instead.

    Pattern Assembly is Faster and Easier

    I know and understand the disdain for assembling and taping the PDF pattern pages together so I've made improvements here too.  Once you've printed the files you need for your version of this pretty top all you need to do is butt the pages  up against each other and tape in place.  No more cutting or overlapping the pages!  Just be sure to follow the printing and assembly directions.

    Pattern Size Cutting Lines are Different in Style and Colour

    This isn't new for this pattern but is a feature I happen to like.  It makes finding the cutting line for your size easier, especially in those tight spots in the grading.  Of course it's not necessary to print in colour, we've got the cutting lines for each size differentiated too so either way there will be no confusion about which line to cut on.

    I hope you enjoy the new pattern and all the upgraded features.  Head over to the shop; Blossom is available for immediate download, you can make your version today!

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