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  • New Live Event: The Fitting Fun Workshop

    Fitting is a challenge and even more so when you are fitting yourself. I think I've heard the phrase "I don't have a fitting buddy" more often than I can count. Believe me, I understand. Fitting yourself often means you need to be as flexible as a gymnast and have eyes on the back of your head. Sometimes mirrors and cameras and the help of your husband or partner just won't cut it so I created a new workshop that I think will help you out immensely.

    It's The Fitting Fun Workshop on November 17, 18, and 19, 2017.
    Click the image below for all the details!

    The Fitting Fun Workshop

    In this three day event, you'll finally understand the fitting process fully by putting the techniques you learn into practice while working on your own personal fitting project.  Working through your personal fit issues along with other participants will truly make fitting fun instead of a chore. To top it all off you'll be getting expert guidance along the way.

    Here's what you can expect in this intimate and personalized workshop:

    DAY ONE: Demystify the Fitting Process

    Develop an understanding of how patterns are developed and learn how your body measurements, pattern measurements and ease can provide important information about the fit of your sewing pattern. You'll learn how to use the perfect fit worksheet to assess your pattern for fit.

    DAY TWO: Put it into Practice

    Get expert guidance as you work through the fitting fundamentals technique on your chosen sewing pattern. I'll take you step by step through the fitting process of your personal project. You'll make the initial pattern adjustments and cut and stitch a fitting sample of your garment.

    DAY THREE:  Perfect the Fit

    Learn how to solve your personal fitting issues specific to your chosen project. See and learn from the projects of the other participants. We'll work through each participants first fitting sample to get a clear understanding of how to assess and solve those draglines, wrinkles and folds.

    Here's what you'll get:

    • A clear understanding of the fitting process

    • Practical strategies for assessing fit

    • The skills to adjust patterns

    • The confidence to tackle any fitting project

    • 21 hours of guidance and instruction

    • Real life examples of a myriad of fitting issues courtesy of your fellow participants

    • A small class size for lot's of individual attention (maximum is 8 people)

    • Lunch, refreshments and parking each day

    You can get all the details and pre-register for the workshop here:


    I hope you'll join me! I'd love to help you through your next fitting project.

    All My Best,

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