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  • PATTERN FUNDAMENTALS: How to Create and Balance a Flared Skirt

    Here we go with video #4 of the Pattern Fundamentals series!

    In the last three videos we've practiced lots of dart manipulations.  Each video building your pattern making skills and hopefully giving you the confidence you need to make pattern adjustments for fit and style.  I guarantee that you'll find something new and inspiring in each one of the previous videos so if you missed any of the lessons,  just click the links below to watch.

    PATTERN FUNDAMENTALS: Two Essential Skills for Successful Pattern Manipulation

    PATTERN FUNDAMENTALS: How to True Darts and Manage Dart Volume

    PATTERN FUNDAMENTALS:  Three Ways to Manage the Back Shoulder Dart

    This week we’re going to take everything we’ve learned and apply it to the basic skirt block. I’ll show you how to manipulate waist darts to create flare, how to balance the flare so that it hangs evenly all around the hemline, and talk a little bit about grain lines so you can understand how it's placement can change the look and hang of your skirt.

    I hope you enjoy it! 

    As I mentioned in the video, get your FREE Scaled Block Patterns to practice your pattern work. Click the image below to get started!

    Now tell me in the comments, are you following along with the series? Did you learn something new? What was it?

    Don't forget to share your pattern work!

    All My Best,

    Alexandra Morgan

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