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  • Alyce Defty - The Fascinating Art of Creating Patterns

    The Fascinating Art of Creating Patterns by Alyce Defty is now available!  The Durban University of Technology contacted me recently to  announce that it has reprinted the book.    This is a book I first mentioned in my post Base Patterns - Slopers and Blocks.   Although I didn't use the book for my classes due to the complexity of the measurement and the drafting method for beginners, I feel like this book is a great resource to have.  The basic bodice and sleeve draft alone are enticing since I have never seen drafts in other books appear this way.  Unfortunately,...

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  • Base Patterns - Slopers and Blocks

    In preparation for my new position as a pattern making instructor at PDA, I spent quite a few hours gathering all the information I could find on basic block development.  Developing master patterns, basic blocks, or slopers as some may call them, is one of the first steps in learning about pattern making and how the flat pattern relates to the 3D body form.  After graduating from a fashion program, you will most likely never use or make blocks again but the process of it provides many learning opportunities.   I have many pattern making books on my shelf so I...

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  • Fitting Books

    Let's face it, fitting can be complicated and confusing so it's always good to have some good references available to help you figure it all out.  Books are a good place to start when you are just beginning the fitting journey.  I currently have two books specific to fitting.  The first one I purchased was Fitting & Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach.     I bought this one sight unseen, hoping it would be a good reference when I first got my job as a fit technician.  It did come in handy a few times but I found the black and...

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