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  • Fitting and Pattern Adjustment - The EFG Bust Adjustment

     In case your wondering, I haven't forgot about you glamorously curvy girls!  Here is a post on the EFG Bust Adjustement which is my version of what others call the Full Bust Adjustment.  Again, I am showing this correction based on the Belle Bow Blouse, it will be applicable on similar styles.  After all the work done earlier this week, showing you this correction is easy because it is the exact opposite of ABC Bust Adjustment.  Sorry, no muslin photos of this but I think you get the idea-let me know if you don't! How to recognize if you need...

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  • Fitting and Pattern Adjustment - The ABC Bust Adjustment

     As promised, today I am providing some information regarding a "small bust adjustment" specifically for the Belle Bow Blouse.  As you know, In-House Patterns have been developed specifically for a D cup size, so I am calling this The ABC Bust Adjustment. This means if you are an A, B, or C cup size, this correction may apply to you when using this pattern.  This adjustment will also be applicable on any similar style. I will start with how to recognize when this pattern correction is needed.  Whether you know your actual cup size or not, your test muslin will...

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