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  • The Blossom Re-Launch


    Once you realize you've made a mistake it's often best to admit it, correct it and move on.

    The Mistake:

    After some very welcome and poignant comments regarding the printing format of our new pattern Blossom, I spent the last few days testing different printing methods and assembly options and was compelled to make the change back to our original format.  I made the mistake of assuming that everyone disliked the process of assembling the PDF pattern and that all printers behave the same.  I should have known better and done more testing!

    The Correction:

    One absolutely great thing about a small business is that you can make changes that respond to customer needs quickly!  Today I am re-launching Blossom with the original printing and assembly format with overlapping edges.

    The Pattern PDF pages will look like this again:

    If you have already purchased Blossom and would like the revised version of the pattern, please email me with your order number (the four digit number that was in your pattern download email).  I will be very happy to send it to you.

    Thank you to Melanie, Monica, and Johanna for your detailed descriptions of your PDF pattern assembly methods.  You made me realize that although many people may dislike assembling the pages there are those of you who actually make it a creative endeavour, taking the time to make the assembled pattern attractive, durable, and reusable.  

    Moving On!

    As it is with all mistakes, something is always learned and a forward step is taken.   Learning about your methods of assembling PDF patterns and the time and care you take in printing and putting them together has sparked an idea that I will share with you a little later.  Also, in spite of the time taken to correct the PDFs for Blossom this past week, I've managed to develop another new pattern.  It's not quite ready yet, but it's well on it's way.

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